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After spending months searching for the perfect house, paying for it is the final step to becoming a proud homeowner. However, obtaining a mortgage can be overwhelming given the number of documents and details lenders request. Moreover, understanding how the different mortgage products work and which is the best one for you could be time-consuming and stressful.

However, by relying on the services of a mortgage broker, you have an ally who will work for you, as they are experts with lending products and services. They are well connected with reliable lenders, and capable of obtaining affordable mortgages that suit your needs.

To ensure that you are working with a competent broker who understands your needs, you will need to do a good deal of research. For this, you must go through reviews online and speak to people who’ve worked with them in the past.

As a professional mortgage agent, I, Karen Pacheco have years of experience and confidence in the services I provide. I will not shy away from giving you references, and I am happy to tell you why I am the best at what I do.

If you are looking for a mortgage agent with flexible mortgage options and reliable services, here are a few reasons why you should pick me over my competition.

My hours!

When you are working on a pre-approval for a new home that you have your eye on, time is of the essence. I provide the option to do the pre-approval by sending me your documents through email, fax or in-person. I make myself available in the evenings and on weekends for meetings because I know it isn’t always easy to get time off of work.


With the large variety of lenders that I work with, my clients have many choices. Not every lender will accept every application, however, in cases where the file fits with multiple lenders, I ensure that the application is sent to the lender with the best options for the client. Remember, rates are not everything. You want to ensure you are going with a lending institution that provides customer service, competitive rates as well as excellent pre-payment options.

Experience and knowledge!

With my long history in the real estate industry, I have come across all sorts of different situations. Although no two mortgage applications are the same, knowing which lender to submit your application to is critical. Each of the lenders in my network has niche policies, and I ensure that I know them well to ensure they are suitable for you. I don’t want to miss out on the opportunity for approval, therefore, knowing who takes child tax credit, who will look at bruised credit, or who has the best rental offset is essential to me. It allows me to find personalized solutions to your needs.

Just because I have been in the industry, I never assume that my clients know everything about mortgages as well. I ensure I take the time to check in with the clients to see if they know what mortgage insurance is and how it is worked into a mortgage, as well as the differences between a fixed and variable rate and the pros and cons of each. I take the time with my clients to build a working relationship because my clients are not just another file on my desk.


I am always looking at the newest technology to make the pre-approval and approval process more comfortable for my clients. If there is a client that cannot meet in person or has no access to print, then I will find a way to get things digitally signed if the lender will approve. Also, when clients do not have access to the property tax statements or do not have their T4s or Notice of Assessments, I work towards obtaining them as quickly as possible.

Bargaining power!

Because I work with a team of amazing brokers, I have access to numerous lenders to negotiate discounts that lead to lower rates and greater product choices for you. Plus, we are generally paid by the lender rather than you, the borrower, making it a logical choice to always consult with me. I shop the market for the best rates, while doing all the legwork, and limiting the costs put on you.

As the best professional mortgage broker in Edmonton, Alberta, I ensure that I exceed expectations and always put you first. To learn more about the services I offer, please click here. To read what my clients are saying about me, please click here. If you have any questions about how I can help you, get in touch with me, Karen Pacheco, by clicking here.