What Makes Karen Pacheco Stand Out

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What Makes Karen Pacheco Stand Out

Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you’re looking for more information about Karen Pacheco at Mortgage Architects, you’ve come to the right place.

About Karen Pacheco

Mortgage Architects is a large company with many employees across Canada. Each broker is considered to be self-employed. I personally work within a team, however, we each operate our own personal business. I am mainly mobile, meeting clients at various locations, and a lot of my business is online. I speak to clients over the phone however due to location or lifestyle, clients will send me documents via the internet or email to complete their applications.

Mortgage Architects is constantly growing and new brokers are joining the team on a regular basis. The company allows a lot of room for personal initiatives which allow you to run your own business that best suits your needs. I made a personal effort in 2017 to go paperless. The two purposes of this move were first to be more friendly to the environment and the other was to become more organized with all documents at my fingertips which allows me to work from anywhere.

While I am physically in the Edmonton and St. Albert area, I work with clients outside of these areas as well as clients outside of Alberta.

In terms of business, 2017 has been a fairly consistent year without many valleys - mainly peaks. Quite often our industry slows down closer to the holidays however, I have not seen this happen this year, even with all of the mortgage rule changes that have hit the industry. I believe that my line of work has not seen a lot of slow-down, as I not only arrange financing for new purchases but also help with refinances and credit repairing.

The Karen Pacheco Difference

Being able to make a change in someone's financial status for the positive would for sure be the shining star in my career. Whether it be obtaining financing so someone can get into their dream home, or work through a refinance so someone can stay in their dream home. It’s my passion to help you, and it’s this desire that makes me stand out from my competitors.

Due to my long history of being in customer service related businesses, my strength lies in ensuring that my clients are happy. If I am not able to get them what they need at this moment, I set them up on a plan of action to get them on the right path. I make sure to try all angles with the application to ensure the clients are going with the product, lender, and rate that best suits their needs. Each client is different from the next and each application needs to be looked at individually. Only the end goal is similar; the right product, right rate and to be in a great financial position.

I believe that clients choose to work with me or choose to refer me due to the time and attention that I put into each file. No client is a straightforward application and being there to answer the phone all days of the week or meet in various hours of the day that best suits their schedule, not just mine. In addition, if I am not able to complete an application for a client, then a full explanation is provided and advice on ways to improve their current situation so they can have a successful purchase or refinance in the near future. These aspects make me second to none in my field of work.

This past year has brought a few large achievements for me. I have increased my business by 115% year over year which is based a lot on referrals from past clients. I have also been nominated for Best Newcomer for the 2018 Canadian Mortgage Awards which is a proud moment as this is a highly recognized award and comes from a lot of hard work and dedication to the industry.

For all that we receive from the community, our aim is to always give back. One way we do this as a company is by picking a cause that we contribute to each year. For 2017, we chose to support the Make-A-Wish Canada foundation where each broker could choose to donate a certain percentage of their commission for each file to Make-A-Wish. Mortgage Architects was able to raise over $22,000 towards this great foundation last year.

To learn more about me and Mortgage Architects, please click here. If you have any questions about how I can help you, I’d love to hear from you. Please contact us here.